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Sporting Saint
    • Floating Gun Dog Training Dummy 1lb In Red

      0 out of 5

      1lb hand throwing dummy, the popular and essential part of training or competitions. Fitted with throwing toggle Sealed interior, will float in water. Browse our Specialist Gundog training gear

    • Cured Rabbit Skin Ball for Gun Dogs

      0 out of 5

      These tennis balls are covered with a rabbit pelt which is Glued on, whilst the balls themselves are professional quality pressurized tennis balls, which means they won’t crack like cheaper ones tend to do. All these features result in longer life and greater durability for your rabbit ball.

    • Starting Pistol .22 SHORT Pistol Blanks

      0 out of 5

      .22 cal. (SHORT) blanks suitable for all starter and gundog training pistols. 100 blanks per tub that work seamlessly in revolver and magazine type blank firing pistols. Browse our Specialist Gundog supplies

    • Field Trial PRO Slip Lead

      0 out of 5

      Ideal for the competition or training field, small, light in weight , strong and stylish slip lead, the must have and sort after lead this season! Designed and made by Sporting Saint.

    • Launcher .22 cal blanks

      0 out of 5

      Will fit all .22 Dummy Launchers available on the market today. 100 per box. Launcher blanks are not to be used in blank firing pistols. Browse our Gundog Training Equipment & Supplies

    • BG Rabbit Scent Training Ball

      0 out of 5

      Due to the weight and material, the ball bounces well on hard ground further increasing the level of marking importance but also creating a better scent line with the rabbit skin. The Ball also sinks deep into thick grass, making marking so much more important Browse our Gundog Training Equipment…

    • Rabbit Distance Marking Ball

      0 out of 5

      BG Scent Training Ball – explained by Ben The weight and balance allows the ball to travel good distances on hard ground/down hills to create a rabbit scent line from the fall/seat of the rabbit. Approx. 290g is weight so the ball really does travel well and at a good…

    • Acme 211 1/2 High Plastic Dog Whistle – Orange

      0 out of 5

      Micro fleece gilet with nubuck piping and two lower zipped pockets. Good quality gilet, great country look and outstanding value for money Browse our Gundog Training Equipment & Supplies

    • Canvas Launcher Bird Dummy

      0 out of 5

      Designed to help the dog mark the dummy as it travels through the air with the wings and head giving a very life like look and sound. Approx. distance the dummy travels when launched is 30/40m. When retrieved the dog benefits from a ‘real’ out in the shooting field experience with…

    • Kimar Magazine Blank Firer 6mm

      0 out of 5

      These new blank firers use a 6 blank capacity magazine which fires 6mm (.22) short blanks and can be fired in semi-automatic (the action of the trigger advances the magazine). This has a working safety which either locks the trigger or disconnects the hammer to allow the magazine to be…

    • Dummy Launcher with Canvas Dummy

      0 out of 5

      Easy to operate. Issued with full user instructions. Fitted with a recoil handle and uses either canvas or pvc launcher dummies. Uses .22 cal blanks.

    • PVC Launcher Dummy

      0 out of 5

      Extra durable Lite Launcher PVC dummy. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape it flies very far. The launcher dummies have been designed to float on water and can also be used for work on land. Available in different colours, usable with training scents. Browse our Gundog Training Equipment & Supplies

    • Canvas Launcher Dummy

      0 out of 5

      Canvas launcher dummies are made by using a coated 1000 denier water & moisture resistant Cordura fabric over foam. These dummies are designed to float so are great for land and water retrieves. The aluminium insert is milled from solid aluminium ensure greater strength and durability.

    • 2lb Hand Throwing Dummy

      0 out of 5

      The 2lb hand throwing dummies are ideal for simple, blind and directional retrieves, both on land and in water. 3lb hand throwing dummy with throwing toggle.

    • 3lb Hand Throwing Dummy

      0 out of 5

      The 3lb hand throwing dummies are ideal for simple, blind and directional retrieves, both on land and in water. 3lb hand throwing dummy with throwing toggle.

    • Dummy Handheld Launcher Only

      5.00 out of 5

      Trains your dog to work to shot under conditions of control. Helps the dog get used to the sound of gunfire.The launcher can fire over distance allowing a good variance in retrieves into water, over hedges, fences and walls. The range can be varied by using the selection of blanks…

    • RRT Dog Dummy Launcher

      5.00 out of 5

      The dummy launcher is a practical aid for training retrievers. Training dummies designed for the use with it can be power thrown two to three farther than hand thrown dummies. Explore more Sporting Saint Gun Dog Training Equipment

    Explore Sporting Saint Brand, leading Supplier and manufacturer of Gundog Training Equipment & Country Sports accessories. We are proud to be offering specialist gun dog equipment, such as dummy kits, launchers, whistles & calls. All manufactured in UK.  Shop at Balnecroft Country store today!

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