Gun Slips & Cases

    • Guardian Canterbury Earls Shotgun Case

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      The Guardian Canterbury Earls Shotgun Case combines premium grade chestnut leathers with traditional designs to produce a product that adds an element of luxury to the transportation of your shotgun.

    • Guardian Elite Luxian Leather Double Shotgun Slip

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      Guardian Canterbury Luxian Elite Double Shotgun Slip Combining premium grade chestnut leathers and traditional designs.  The Canterbury has produced a range of products renowned for their functionality and classic elegance. The Luxian Elite double slip leather is tanned to a rich chestnut brown

    • Guardian Heritage Double Motor Case

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      The Motorcases have been designed to keep your prized shotguns safe during transport in spaces that a traditional shotgun case would be awkward to fit. It achieves this by storing the barrel directly above the stock which also gives you plenty of room in a hidden compartment for your maintenance…

    Gun Slips from the Premium Guardian range to Canvas Jack Pyke. Hard cases from Solutions and Range Right We have matching Cartridge bags, belts From Verney Carron and Game bags go with each gun slip.

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