Grubs Eskline 8.5 Wellington Boots – Green


Grubs Eskline 8.5 Wellington Boots – Green

Grubs Eskline 8.5 Wellington Boots. A wellington combining Grub’s unique Insu-Foam Ultra technology with advanced 8.5 thermal engineering. This classic field boot is ideal for most work or leisure activities with the addition of a Highloft fleece lining for added warmth. Features Traxion outsole with Duralite mid-sole Duraprene technology.

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 Grubs Eskline 8.5 Wellington Boots – Green

  • High lift fleece linng for added warmth
  • Under foot chassis
  • Hard-toe technology.

All Grub’s footwear use self-insulating INSU-FOAM ULTRA bootie construction which is super soft and super bouncy, with a compression set of less than 7% verses 20-25% for other neoprene boots, so they remain soft and comfortable for much longer. INSU-FOAM ULTRA has a fine micro cellular structure, which stops heat transfer through its structure. The bootie exceeds the long-term effectiveness of waterproof membranes and lofted insulations, such as GORE-TEX and 3M Thinsulate.


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