Dokken’s DeadFowl Pheasant Trainer


Dokken’s DeadFowl Pheasant Trainer

Dokken’s DeadFowl Pheasant Trainer has been developed to promote proper retrieving techniques. The soft body and hard tail and head is just like the real thing. The foam body can be injected with game scent to enhance the real-life training environment for your dog. You will not find a better or more realistic pheasant dummy on the market.

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Dokken’s DeadFowl Pheasant Trainer


  • Dead bird weight and shape
  • Natural dead bird feeling
  • Hard plastic feet to discourage mouthing and improper carrying
  • Wobble – free swinging head to deter dogs from shaking birds
  • Natural feel foam body acts like a scent sponge
  • Approximate Size: 12”
  • Approximate Weight: 1 lb
  • Material: Natural feel foam & hard plastic head and feet


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